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  What I can tell you about myself is that I have been a professional stylist for almost 15 years, what I am probably not supposed to say is that from about the age of 12  is where it all started.  I began educating myself and quickly moved right into doing hair on all of my family & friends.  I soon realized that doing hair for people was so much more than that.  It’s truly a gift to be able to make my clients feel great about themselves and I love connecting with my clients each and every day.  It definitely feeds my soul and I am so thankful to do this daily and call it my job.

  I am originally from Huntington Beach, CA. I worked in a salon in Newport Beach for several years before moving to Reno.  So you can probably guess that I have a slight advantage in working on blondes! I am always working to improve my skills and continuously making sure that I stay up with the current trends. As we all know, they are ever changing.

  One incredible perk to my job is the flexibility so that I am able to be with my kids & husband.  If you know me, you know they are my world.  I will end by saying that the best part about being a member of the Michael+Grace crew is the ability to work with such a talented and empowering group of women.  We are always teaming up together to create amazing looks and ideas for our clients. I always look forward to any new faces that come my way!

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