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Bethnie G.

Welcome to my not so serious life!


At Michael + Grace you will find me tucked away in a corner station (most don’t even know that it exists). I just call it my creative corner, where the magic happens.


Being behind the chair you can find me doing some crazy transformations (crazy good that is!). Whether it's extensions, lived-in color, or color correction, I have an extreme passion to transform a clients look. Do NOT be afraid to come in and ask for help when you have tried something, unsuccessfully, at home.

We have all been there.

As a client in my chair, you are not just a client, you are a new friend.


As for me, I have a pit bull and a tortoise at home so I love hearing about any fur babies you may have. I always want to keep up with you, whether it's you sending me a text in between appointments or chatting it up while your hair is processing. I just want you to come in and feel welcomed, like we picked our friendship up right where we left off, no matter how long it has been.


"Keeping it real" is a motto I live by. In life, I don't believe in life that there is any time for things that are left unsaid. I am an open book. Ask me anything, I am sure to answer. I laugh, I cry, and I laugh some more. Life is not that serious.


Relax and unwind in my chair. I got it from here.

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